Google Mortgages

Google Mortgages
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Would you employ Google as your mortgage broker? Google thinks you will… 

Launching in California state, where the company is now a licensed mortgage broker (GOOGLE COMPARE MORTGAGES INC.), Google will be offering a mortgage comparison tool for home buyers. A fully fledge broker service, Google Compare Mortgages is expected to do more than comparison, being based on a flexible cost-per-lead (CPL) model.

Partnering with Zillow and LendingTree, it is expected Google will pull data from Zillow’s and LendingTree, offering a new style comparison and CPL model.

Google existing Compare product currently offers insurance and the company expects mortgage comparison to be a similar market. Asking the user a set amount of questions, including Zip code & length of mortgage, the service provides a recommender lender. The user is still expected to contact the lender.

The auto insurance version of Google Compare was launched in March 2015, with some hype. Since then, the service has been reported as well received, but no game changer by any means. For now, we shall wait and see where this journey takes us…

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