Two Technologies That All Real Estate Agents Should Embrace, Right Now!

Two Must Have Real Estate Marketing TechnologiesTwo Must Have Real Estate Marketing Technologies
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New technology trends and global market changes are consistently remodeling the real estate industry. Such changes can help agents & agencies improve their client relationships and maintain a healthy supply of property listings.

Growing exponentially is the mind set & expertise of potential clients, possessing up to date (and in some cases more) knowledge of real estate markets; specifically prices and suburb information. This is largely due to the help of new and informative technologies that, in some cases, are far more superior than some real estate agents & agencies systems. As such, real estate agents should make a comprehensive attempt at remaining updated of markets, new technologies, and marketing opportunities.

Changes in technology and how potential clients employ them makes it extremely important for property professionals to join the change, specifically the promotion and marketing of their own services or brands, else they will find themselves lagging behind a new wave of young, energetic competitors.

Let us explore the two largest growth sectors that every property professional should adopt and invest in right now.

Videography and Photography Marketing

One of the key leaders in the new wave of property marketing is video and Drone photography, of which has saw a consistent amount of hype last year, and now for many real estate agents, is a staple of the marketing collateral. With the introduction of this channel, potential clients, as well as many agents, are searching and in many cases expecting, drone footage and drone imagery on every listing. Consumers prefer expressive and clear videos, with high definition photos that get a clear view of the property that was once made only available to Luxury or large properties.

Many agencies are now adopting drone services as part of the ongoing marketing offering, partnering with drone operators or employing their very own drone pilots. There are many services out there that can assist, such as Real Drone Photography in Australia, Fly Works in the United States and Kestrel in the United Kingdom.

In addition to drones, services like property fly throughs are becoming big business, due to their cost efficiencies and low barriers to entry. These solutions in some cases are as good as drone footage at the head height level. House Lens out of the US offers a DIY solution, where a self-stabilizing, motor driven attachment is added to the standard iPhone. The company also offers a complete service for those who prefer not to DIY.

Social Media for Marketing

Remaining ahead of the pack does not require exhaustive time and energy. The best way to accomplish this is to obtain online recognition via social media. Your presence on social media can contribute to your ongoing success and personal brand.

The various social media platforms like Google+, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook are at your fingertips and these platforms can give a boost to your marketing campaign.

Social media can also help you accelerate your marketing efforts to reach target audiences. And, you receive a plenty of advertising opportunities to promote your brand. Not only you can advertise your own brand, but also to identify your referral partners. You can engage in daily communications and use social media to become a local expert in real estate sector.

Facebook gives a wider scope to promote your brand to a particular age group only. For example, if you know that your property is a common area of interest for people in age group of 18-44, you can choose to market property or your brand only in that specific age criteria. Including your own photo in the post is a great tip to gain recognition for you and your brand.

Joining different groups on Facebook is an ideal way to increase your client base, they can in most cases, help you by recommending you and your services. Facebook has made the process of creating ads easier for its users. If you haven’t used this feature, simply create a business page, post unique and quality content and start inviting all those whom you come in contact with through your page. It really is that easy.

Facebook advises that users of the service should focus more on selling and buying properties, rather than promoting you and your brand. In addition, they advise that the page should consist of necessary information about your business. Importantly here is that by focusing on property promotion, you are in fact selling yourself, your services and your brand.

Instagram is an amazing social media platform that gives the right exposure, in a fun way. Known as a media sharing platform to share photos, Instagram is recommended for all real estate agents as it provides a solid feature to showcase the images, photos & short clips.

It is important to customize your Instagram page to make it a business page for promoting real estate and property listings. You can also make it casual by posting fun pictures while having lunch or images related to your workplace, even pictures with your competitors. This marketing strategy will help you communicate with a wider audience that you may not get to associate with otherwise.

Other activities like tagging people in photos or reposting other users links are extremely important in the social media sphere. So do not hesitate to reach out and talk them, you will be surprised at the response rate.

Instagram makes getting new referrals and leads easier through its direct messaging function. Which is performing well for many clients of the real estate social media agency Propify. The agency told Agent Focus that more than half of their clients receive higher response rate on property listings using Instagram than any other service.

The Bottom Line

Don’t be afraid to embrace social media tools and really utilize the technology to its optimum level. Brand promotion has never really been as easy as it is today. Employ videos, they are going to be the future for real estate marketing, get bind the technology now. And ensure you are updated with changes in this space, it could have a catastrophic effect on your business if you don’t. As always, if you are unsure of where to start, or you are in need of maximizing your existing social marketing portfolio, use an all encompassing service like the team at Propify provides.