Founded in 2010, Canberra Australia, by real estate and media executives, Agent Focus aims to provide dedicated technology & marketing news updates for the real estate technology & real estate marketing professional.

Today, Agent Focus remains a news service, dedicated to real estate technology (RET) & real estate marketing (REM) professional and real estate agent, Realtor or the eager property investor. With more than 80 years of combined experience, Agent Focus aims to inform the Real Estate Professional of new and leading innovative solutions to the real estate industry concerning technology & marketing.

Agent Focus’ primary role is to compile & refocus newsworthy, real estate aligned articles.

In addition to refocusing news content, our journalists are continually researching new & interesting real estate technology & marketing solutions, remaining across RET/REM events globally and remaining abreast of industry changes.

With correspondents across Europe, the Americas, Africa, Asia and Australia regions, Agent Focus makes aim to ensure the global message of new technology & marketing is known.

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We are looking for freelance writers to contribute to our news site. If you are interested and have the necessary experience, please send your details via email to [email protected], don’t forget to include your contact details and mention the region/specialty you are interested in.

Currently sourcing:

  1. Real Estate Technology
    1. United States – Journalists
    2. Australasia – Editor
  2. Real Estate Marketing 
    1. United States – Journalists & industry commentators
    2. Europe – Journalists

Prefer to Keep it Low Key?

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If you would prefer to submit an article ad hoc style, we are always looking for new technology & marketing practices that could greatly assist the RET industry. If you would like to submit an article to publish, please send your email to [email protected], or contact us via the contact page.

Press & Media

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